Own An Office? Have An Ergonomic Assessment Done

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Own An Office? Have An Ergonomic Assessment Done

8 December 2022
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If you own an office, you want to make sure your employees stay comfortable while sitting at their desks. One way to do this is to have an ergonomic assessment done. Below is information on what this is, as well as different types of ergonomic equipment you can purchase for your office. 

Ergonomic Assessment

With an ergonomic assessment, a specialist comes to your office to evaluate ergonomics. The specialist walks through your entire office and will look at desks, conference rooms, and even break rooms. This will show the specialist if your office is set up ergonomically.

The specialist will decide if there are any problems with design in your office that can cause your employees to become harmed. When they are finished, they will make recommendations to you on changes you should make in your office. 

Types of Ergonomic Equipment

Because employees sit at a desk much of the day this is a good place to start. One type of ergonomic desk is a standing desk. This type of desk allows the employee to sit down but they can press a button and the desk will move up. The employee can stop the desk from moving when it is comfortable for them to stand and type at a computer or do other work. There are also desks that can be put in a corner or in an L-shape to give the employee ample room where it is needed. 

Another ergonomic equipment that is very important is the desk chair. The chair should be able to move up and down so the employee can sit comfortably. They should be able to sit with their feet flat on the floor without having to bend their knees. The desk chair should also have back support to help prevent backaches while sitting all day. Ergonomic desk chairs also have cushioned arms to make it more comfortable. If you have a conference room, you should also put ergonomic chairs in there for your clients and employees to sit on during meetings. 

Because your employees likely use a mouse a lot, there are ergonomic mice. These mice are shaped to wear the user's hands fit comfortably. This will help prevent carpal tunnel. Along with a mouse, there are also ergonomic keyboards. Instead of being straight, these keyboards are curved to make them more comfortable while typing. 

The ergonomic assessment service can help you choose the right equipment. They can also tell you of other ergonomic equipment you can purchase. Reach out to a consultant if you need an office ergonomics assessment